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As predicted, a great cataclysm has happened. Azeroth's ancient history of violence and destruction once again repeats itself; this world now tries yet again to tear itself asunder. I've already witnessed the damage firsthand within parts of the Great Sea, as well as across the continent.

But whatever destruction may have befallen the rest of the Horde has not afflicted the Forsaken in the slightest. In fact, we are more powerful than we have ever been! The regions of Silverpine and Hillsbrad are completely taken. Southshore is in ruins. New ramparts have gone up around our holdings. Lordaeron is truly the the nation of the Forsaken, as we have always envisioned.

It's true that the world is inherently corrupt. I see now an unfortunate truth: what the Lich King attempted and failed to accomplish was to bring equality and uniformity to the chaos brought by the living. I believe that my queen feels, as I do, that is is the Forsaken's mission -our mission- to continue where the Ling King left, only in our own way, much greater than Arthas' narrow vision.

To aid in the Dark Lady's vision, it is abundantly clear to me what I must do. I refuse to let my greatest triumphs remain in the past! The destruction of Azeroth is just the beginning of all for which we have worked. I will lead my people to a greater pinnacle than we have ever imagined!

I almost hear it calling to me even now. I know it's power I can hardly resist. But like all power, it can be harnessed. It can be controlled. All that's required is patience. With all that I've done, patience is something I can afford.

The fall of mankind is in its own hands, and those hands are encircling its own neck. As the world crumbles, the Forsaken will always thrive. Let everyone scramble to bring the world back together. By the time they have, we will be ready.

[To be continued...]

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