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It is impossible for any Forsaken to get "legitimate" work (I use the term loosely) done under this kind of scrutiny. And I don't just mean from this supposed Warchief's new commanders, who more affectionately seem like thugs. It is my own guild, my own allies, who seem to regard me with weary skepticism.

I suppose, given this case, I couldn't ask for better Forsaken to be under my command.

It's true that I've taken on matters of a seemingly personal nature, but it is a matter of survival. Now that I've taken the Tome, I need to understand it completely. That kind of exploration is taking me across all of Azeroth, and beyond. I am trying to dig up the most ancient secrets of existence, which proves... taxing, but there is no other way. I have to understand this power in order to keep it from destroying me.

Meanwhile Curse requires less of a hands-on approach than the early days of the Forsaken. Back then, it was I who was doing all of the ground work to hold us together. Now, due to my own tenacity, we have finally found our way. All that is up to me at this point is to lightly nudge the way forward.

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