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A Long Time Coming [That Chain]

Name: Lord Executioner Plagos Dangerhate Deathweaver
Age: 33
Height: 5'7" (5'3" when slouched)
Weight: 89 lbs. (114 lbs. with robes and staff)
Body Type: Decayed Human Male
Physical Condition: Horrific (I hope)
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color and Style: Green, matted, oily, and filled with dirt and grime. What's the use in washing or brushing?

Race: Forsaken. Wear it with pride.
Class: I am Lord and Executioner of Curse, in the highest favor of the Dark Lady. High class all the way.
Nicknames: Plaguefather, Plaguedaddy Assweaver, P Diddy
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Distinguishing Features: I prefer the normal visage of undeath. Empty eye sockets, broken, unhinged jaw.


However, I do not to let others know what I look like until I grant them that privilege. Instead, my clothing does the talking for me. I find a robe, hood and cloak conceals one's overall body mass. That which is unknown creates fear. I adorn myself in trophies, like the skulls of my enemies, and magical gems & artifacts. Including other facial coverings, I often wear a plague mask, which I stuff with rotting flesh and Blight to indulge myself in the rich aroma.

Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:

The perfection of pure undeath is a rare circumstance by which few sentient creatures are cursed. I have experimented with, and still posses schematics for mechanical prosthesis that would actually benefit me, but I wrestled with the idea. In the end, I don't wish to become another Doctor Vi'le. Additionally, swapping and trading organic parts is for abominations. (My arms being replaced was beyond my control.) I have at least drawn the line at the custom, socket-fitting goggles, which allow me to see in the normal spectrum, plus a few others.


Characteristic Gestures:

My leg muscles don't respond as well, so I walk with the support of a cane or stave. I have an occasional cough, not from respiratory problems per se, but from the carrion grubs. It's also difficult to swap languages and ancient dialects at will. Eredun isn't easy on the larynx. Some say I frown a lot.

Religion: The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. Respect, Tenacity, Power.
Family Background/Lineage: Long ago in Brill, there was a family of semi-noble shopkeepers and skilled tradesmen for the upper class of Lordaeron. Beyond that there is an appreciable haziness. Any living relation is long ago buried. The Deathweaver lineage lies with the Forsaken.
Special Occupational Training:

Royal Apothecary Society: member, current

Deathstalkers: understudy, former

Burning Legion: apprentice, former

Kirin Tor: member, former
Skills, Abilities, and Talents: I deal first in nethermancy, demonology, pyromancy, and shadowmancy; then arcane scrivening, engineering and technomancy, portalmancy, communications, alchemy, and necromancy. Plus I do a really cool trick with a jack o' lantern [True story].
Areas of Expertise: Destruction and rhetoric, especially when combining the two. The more monologue involved in my chaos, the better.
Military Experience: I was briefly conscripted as a battle mage for the Kirin Tor during what is now known as the Third War. That ended well.

Short-Term Goals: Cleaning up my office. Beltai left his flaming paw prints all over everything! It's a damn disaster! Dammit, not my potions...
Long-Term Goals: Doom this world before someone else does it first!
Short-Term Needs: I hunger for meat and blood. I always hunger for meat and blood, every moment of my existence. I will satiate my need for now with a bowl of bowels & brains. Yet, I also lust for flesh in other ways...
Long-Term Needs: A harem of blood-drenched, Plague wenches.


It is true this is my need, yet it is not what motivates me. The great willpower it takes to overcome such insatiable desire is known only to the Forsaken, and it is what makes us powerful and deadly.

General Personality Type
: I will kill you.
Introvert/Extrovert: I will still kill you.
Quirks: Soul shards are a treat for everyone!
Eccentricities: Eccentric? I am just your average, everliving lord of demons and undead.
Temperament: In Lordaeron, I am surly and uptight. In Ratchet, I'm dry. In Silvermoon? Stay away.
Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): Meditating in the warming glow of a burning village, or lashing/burning the slaves in my dungeon.
Admirable Traits: Setting the fashion trend for most of warlock society.
Negative Traits: Occasionally showing emotion.
Bad Habits/Vices: I have an annoying tendency to become sentimental about the past. I'm working on it.
Prejudices: Anything with a beating heart, pretty much.
Pet Peeves and Gripes: If any imbecilic undead has the audacity to first address me in Orcish, or anything outside our people's guttural tongue, my reply will be relentless fury. That's if I'm in a good mood. And when a practicing warlock tries to display a demon as some kind of pet or companion, a very long speech is in order, usually accompanied by first degree arson.

Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: I am still, unfortunately, married by law. Royal Overseer Bauhaus still refuses to turn over the records so that I may destroy them. I also wrote a poem once. Once.
Most Painful Things in One's Life: Pain, life: both concepts are beyond me.
Ever Been Arrested?: Where I am from, I uphold the law.
Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character: The Horde is a hulking, mass of untamed destruction. The aptly-named Warchief is a child playing with toys. This kind of destructive force needs a appropriate hand to guide it. It needs a Queen.
: What I fear most is not being able to know everything there is. I fear the unknowable, which is as simple as it gets. Case in point: The Tome.

Mental Disturbances: If anything, I would say I have an overbearing rationality, the kind some people just can't stand agreeing with, and because of which will feel a little unclean afterward. Stubbornness is a game to some, but I am unyielding in the face of those who deny the truth of chaos.
Hobbies: [See: skills]
Interests: Slimes, oozes, acids, multicolored flames.
Drinks Alcohol: If I can avoid it. I still have an unfortunate weakness to intoxication.
Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex: Horns, tails, necrosis.
Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex and Same Sex: What doesn't?
Sexual Turn-Ons: Submission, shackles, Dalaran apprentice robes
Sexual Turn-Offs: Love, holy power.

Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past
: To dig up the past and re-enjoy their trauma, one needs only visit the Caverns of Time, like I did...
Speaking Style: Ever talk with a broken jaw bone and a cockroach in your throat?
Type and Number of Close Friends: Despite my resistance, there are many individuals who still try to get acquainted with me. They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Since that is the case, if you happen to see me, and I don't kill you outright, you are probably an enemy of mine.
Best Friend: I harbor the most contempt for Doctor Vi'le. I have a great mistrust and hatred for his practices. That is why he is next in command.

Major Problems to Solve or Overcome: There is a grossly vast number of problems that need to be corrected. I've found a single solution to answer them all...
Solutions to Problems:  Kill. Everything.
Minor Problems to Solve or Overcome: I need agreement in Curse's ranks in order to achieve our goals.
Solutions to Problems: Official guild hardhats. Don't mind the antenna dish.



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May. 26th, 2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
This has to be one the most entertaining things I've read in quite some time.

Well done!
May. 26th, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you, though it seems to come far too easily these days. Don't know if that's good or bad.
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