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The Ball served its purpose by acting as yet another ruse, a decorative facade to keep the Horde masses from causing too many problems for our goals. What Putress started was merely the beginning. He simply acted too early. He acted on his own, and was punished for it. We have been set back, but true to Hallow's End itself, we will never stop. The young apothecary that I had to frame in order to show our loyalty served her purpose well. She will not be missed.

There could be no better a time to celebrate Hallow's End. I've always preferred autumn. It has something to do with the weather itself. There is versatility in it. It fluctuates between cool and warm (not that I can tell), clouds take on interesting shapes, a strong breeze blows through and kicks up a quick rain. The weather stays dynamic, and from that there is a tangible energy in the air itself. It is there. There are other reasons for this energy.

Some will say that autumn is simply full of decay, and a lack of nature. This is far from the truth. There is no decay in the autumn season. There is no death, but only the restoration of the energy that was rightfully there to begin with. Once the winter hibernation begins, living plants and animals cease to feed on the neutral universe, thus returning that energy to nature.

Decomposition produces energy. It is in the grasses and plants that burn. It is in the cow that is slaughtered and eaten, the rodents, and most importantly, bipeds, that feed into the soil and provide nourishment. Death produces the energy, and living beings feed from it. Life only consumes power. It doesn't create, it feeds. It is a leech, a parasite to the neutral universe.

What is a neutral universe? The universe at equilibrium is one restored to its full power when there is no life to feed on it. To say decomposition produces energy is to mean it simply releases the natural, captive energy of an already dead cosmos. “Nature” as it is normally defined, is not vibrancy of life. A true natural order is that of death.

That is how death is the only true path to power, one that I have already mastered. It is the key to unlocking the power of the universe.

Happy Hallow's End.

I have returned from across the cosmos. I have explored impossible realms. I set off from the Netherstorm and stretched my mind across the planes of the Twisting Nether, as far as my sanity was able to reach.

What I have found is that there is never reason to fear the threats we know, but we must tremble and abandon all hope in the face of the chaos of which we do not yet know. The greatest menace on Azeroth, The Lich King himself, was vanquished while I was away. What is in front of us will surely be overcome. But yet, cataclysm will come to use someday. This is utter certainty.

There is no reason to hope that doom will never find us. The only logical alternative is to make sure the world is destroyed by our own hands first, before anything else has the right. I would rather be doomed to die by our own flame than the maddening horrors which await.

Why do the Forsaken continue on? What is the real difference between justice and vengeance? Is it simply that justice follows a rule of law, a law that is based by a majority, or realistically those in power? Is justice just more moral? Morals are simply laws by the same regard.

There is a reason why all the living cheer for the vigilante. All that means is justice is vengeance in groupthink rather than by an individual. Which in my mind, leaves no distinction at all.
Never before have I been so close to what I desired, only to have it entirely out of my grasp.

The Tome has found its way into my protective custody for the time being. After the events from last night, my theory appears to hold. Either the book itself contains a will, or it carries over from its owner. Whatever will it is, it takes complete possession of the Tome until it chooses another. Anyone wielding it is certain to be destroyed.

Unless the one possessing it is no longer alive...

My two options for gaining control and power have revealed themselves. It is either a matter over winning over the will; which has taken longer than I'd hoped since going through with this marriage, or through death; which has also failed me before.

Tonight, however, might present another opportunity.
Northrend is cold. Makes it hard to weave the right spells when your fingers have frostbitten off and you don't realize it.

Once again, the Lich King has made a deadly mistake. And with my genius, we shall once again point Icecrown's greatest weapon back at it. Even now, legions of disenfranchised Death Knights (who call themselves the Ebon Blade) are crashing down Curse's door for a chance at their own brand of vengeance at the Frozen Throne, and it is glorious.

Through the examples of those like Dariahn Wheeler (another fortunate coincidence that I intend to use to my advantage when timing suits), I've quiclky seen how easy it is to dupe their false sense of loyalty. These once revered warriors are nothing more than pawns, cast away by the Lich King, and looking for a new master. It is our duty to pick up these pieces, and push them back onto the front line against our mutual enemy.

With their help, I will be able to build an even greater army of the Forsaken, far superior to any we've seen.

Let's hope Miss Day, who has recently returned as well, does not get in the way.

[Pestilesa: Reports to the Dreadlord]

Report #16:
I have acknowledged your orders. They are most brilliant as always, Master. I will give myself away, but only partly. I shall trick the Overseer, and even if she cures the Executioner, I can turn them against each other. Each shall fall to the other. It will be glorious.

I will confront Meridith. In Brill, tonight.

For the Legion.


[Pestilesa: Reports to the Dreadlord]

Report #15:
Target has been incapacitated. Could not confirm complete kill. A strange, unforeseen essence still keeps Plagos in existence. Will have to investigate further. Executioner's corpse abandoned as bait, but could not get close to the Overseer.  Too many assistants.

I conclude that the Overseer will no longer cause trouble for a time while we finish our preparations. If the Lord wishes me to complete mission, please contact.

For the Legion.


Lord Deathweaver,

I will be forever humbled by your great and noble recognition. My meager understandings only pale in comparison to the greatness of your Power, in both Shadow and magic. Additionally your creative insight has wrought grand mechanical destruction. I understand that even now you are undertaking an even greater feat in order to reach the depths of potential in our Tome of the Accursed. Truly your valiance is a testament to the Forsaken.

I heed your words even now, and I intend to serve faithfully to achieve vengeance for our people. Mistakes from my former existence led me to dealing with shadowy figures, and dooming humanity in the process. My regret will never fade, but it shall never tarnish my resolve. I do begin to understand that our race is the one meant for the world, because like our insatiable hunger, our determination remains unrelenting. Yet we remain with more intellect in tact than many of the mortal races can hope to wield, especially those we unfortunately must be aligned with. Luckily their brawn serves the Queen well.

Now, the days count down until the final hours before the Forsaken's ascent. We have remained patient for this long time. So it important to remember, Lord, for us all, that we can continue to wait through these last, crucial moments. When our time finally arrives, no one will ever again doubt or question our intent, whatever it may be. Whatever you may wish it to be.

We are the dead. We are the wretched. This world is doomed, and we are its executioner.

I will remain in close contact, Lord.

Dark Lady watch over you,
Putrias Darkheart


Oct. 28th, 2008

Father Darkheart,

I have chosen you as my confidant in the final stages of preparation for my uprising, for it is your strength and wisdom of the Forgotten Shadow, the one true power, that I can actually trust.

I have been grateful for your aid to the Dark Lady's new ranger servant, and in the process, keeping a close eye on her on our behalf. While we are honored by having one of the Banshee Queen's own court in our ranks, one certainly doesn't wish for their hand of influence to control our operations. I'm sure you can appreciate what we are trying to accomplish here.

I'm sure you've felt as I have the imminent threat. As our beliefs are largely one in the same, you may be able to agree with my ultimate decision when the time finally arrives, and my plan comes to fruition.

Further instructions and request will be sent in the near future.

Power to the Forsaken,
Exectutioner Plagos Deathweaver


((Retcon: Pest is working for Varimathras now.))


The materials you've requested are finished. Your weapon is ready. It's taken a while to put together the final touches. I'm sure you won't mind. After all, you should appreciate the irony in my timing.

When the Scourge invaded, it made everyone in the Apothecarium assume that I was here to help like the rest. It has made the acquisition of the materials I needed even easier. And with the fresh corpses made available, my experiments went quickly.

I have to be honest. This is a glorious and clever plan you have developed, Lord. You are the one with the greater power. The assassination of the Overseer will no longer hold you back. With your power, you will be able to propel all the Forsaken to heights unheard of.

I will await your messenger at the agreed location.

For the Forsaken,
Pestilesa Shadowblade


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